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The Issue

There are approximately 55,000 girls in Foster Care in the United States.

Over 60% of adolescent victims of human trafficking are from foster care or group homes.

Teens in foster care are disproportionately victimized by human trafficking.

Our very broken foster care system has become a supply chain for traffickers.

How does this happen?

 Traffickers are capitalizing on an unmet need: 

According to Time Magazine, a typical household spends upwards of $600 on “Back to School” shopping. The biggest chunk goes to "Back to School Clothes." New clothes are a luxury most foster families cannot afford.

When a child's family is so poor that they can't afford new pants, let alone underwear, it robs that child of their dignity.

Yearning attention, stability, and basic needs, Children become easy targets for traffickers who initially make them feel cared for, only to find themselves used for financial gain. 

The Solution:


Meet foster youth at “the crossroads” before criminals can capitalize on their needs. Project Foster Dignity will Raise funds for each foster child to go "Back to School" clothes shopping with a mentor, A.K.A. “Personal Stylist Mentors.” 


Where Will Funding Come From?

Caricature Campaigns

As you may be aware, it is not permitted to share photos of most Foster Youth online, for safety purposes. This challenge became the inspiration for PFD's Caricature Campaigns.

PFD has teamed up with artist Alicia Maynard to create caricatures in the likeness of the girls we serve. We then use those caricatures, photoshopped into images of clothing stores, for online fundraising purposes.

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The “Project Foster Dignity” Pop Up Boutique Events

In addition to donations and grants, “Project Foster Dignity” is funded through a series of Pop-Up Thrift shopping events. 100% of the Mobile Boutique Profits go to The Project Foster Dignity Organization and its mission to meet the needs of Foster Youth and equip them for a better future.

The items for sale in the boutique are sourced from what Rachael Howarth, Founder of PFD, calls “The Land of Misfit Celebrity Influencer Apparel.” Project Foster Dignity teams up with Social Media Influencers, Celebrities, Fashion Bloggers and Nashville based Fashion designers for clothing & accessory donations to stock the boutique.

If you fall into one of those categories, PFD would love to partner with you, so please reach out!